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What do you think vision and passion are?  Are they really needed for being productive and successful?  Do you even have a vision and passion?
Your vision is an ideal or a goal toward which you aspire. It's a clear and simple statement of what you aspire to achieve. Your vision is the reason why you are doing what you're doing. It's what you want to achieve from what you're doing. A clear vision drives you to your dream. It creates a road-map towards the accomplishment of your goals in life.
It's unto you to create a vision for yourself, for you can't be a productive and successful individual without a clear vision. Yet, only vision doesn't do it. A clear vision without passion brings about nothing. Vision and passion go together.
Your passion is the great, strong, powerful love you feel towards the actions needed to achieve your goals. Without passion, your vision is like an illusion or mirage, which can never become real.…


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The pattern of your thoughts shows who you are, what you do, how you see the world, the way you react...It's apparently everything about your characteristics.
Your thoughts are integral part of your personality make-ups. It tells people who you are and what you can do.
Are you a positive or negative thinker? Your thought pattern tells the answer.
Nothing can make you a negative or positive thinker except your thoughts. If you think you can't succeed and can't accomplish your aims, there is nothing that makes you feel so than your thought. No one can name you a pessimist except the result of your thought pattern. So it's your choice.
Do you want to be successful, productive, creative and innovative? Then, you need to change your thought patterns. Think out of the box. Think constructively and act reasonably.  Your actions say it all.
No one is pessimist or optimist by nature. It's obviously the outcome of your thought pattern. Now,…


Do you know this popular quote of be yourself that everyone is talking about?
Well, it's an obvious truth. Hear this funny scene: when you tell someone that, ' I like your life and I like you' their reply most times is, 'I like your life and I like you.'
But, how much true is this? It's apparently not true!
No one can like your life like you. So, be yourself!
I love myself, my smile, my face, my charismatic attitude, my kindness towards people, my caring personality, my struggle and victory, my stubbornness, my lazy self, my naughty self and funny self, which I will never exchange with yours.
I love myself. Whenever I become helpless as a human, I cry to God.
Whenever I am lost and darkness surrounds me, I ask, oh God, do You really want to forsake me and leave me all alone by myself?
I love myself. Whenever I suddenly pick up my shattered self, then, I'll see through the darkness that surrounds me.
I don't know how you pick yourself up when everything you …

How Much Useful is IQ Test?

by Yusuff Ademola A.
The use of Intelligence test is a controversial issue which has attracted the attention of parents and school administrators. Parents want the best education for their children. Therefore, they are eager to know the level their children belong. Similarly, the school administrators are under pressure to make sure that students perform well in standardized tests. Hence, it makes sense that schools conduct intelligence test to assess students’ learning potentialities and try to improve the standard of education.
For this reason, intelligence test has become most widely used tool. The effectiveness of a testing tool depends on the skill, scientific knowledge and competency of its users. It is not mainly for categorizing or labeling, but rather, to know the area of strength and weaknesses of each student.
Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test has various strengths which benefit the school, teacher, parents and students alike. Nevertheless, IQ test has received numerous critic…

Should Schools Continue Using Standardized Tests or Not?

by Yusuff Ademola A. Standardized testing in the educational system has been the centre of debate for decades. The public forum has been dominated with the argument of the researchers and scholars who oppose the use of standardized testing in the school system. Contrarily, some other scholars acknowledge that the advantages of standardized testing outweigh its disadvantages, and thus suppose that standardized testing can be used in the school system. 
The search for alternatives to standardized testing has led to the discovery of ‘alternative testing’. Hart, in his “Authentic Assessment: A Handbook for Educator” concurred: “The search for alternatives to standardized testing as a means of evaluation has led to the discovery of authentic assessment. Authentic assessment has many names, including, alternative assessment, performance assessment...” (Hart, p.9)
However, it has been argued that all forms of evaluation have both advantages and disadvantages. Hence, both standardized and alter…

I'm Depressed, What Should I Do?

by Yusuff Ademola A. Everyone experiences some amount of sadness from time to time yet depression lasts longer as it interferes with how one feels and thinks, thereby affecting one's daily life activities. It is a debilitating mental illness that can lead to such an extreme mental state that the depressed person attempts to end his or her life due to the associated anguish and suffering. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and the fourth leading contributor to the global burden of disease. Depression is distinct from occasional sadness or grief in that it is more severe and prolonged, and lasts for at least two weeks. Its symptoms include: Depressed moodLoss of interest in pleasurable activitiesFeelings of worthlessness and guiltIrritabilityFeelings of hopelessnessMoving or talking more slowlyPoor concentrationChanges in appetite and weightChanges in sleep – insomnia (inability to sleep well) or hypersomnia…


by Yusuff Ademola A. & Yusuf Olalere A.
As Muslims, we’re tired of condemning terror attacks being carried out by innately aggressive people, who in no way represent the true essence of our religion; but have hijacked it for their own hidden, selfish political agenda. Every time an act of terror occurs, Muslims closely watch the news with excessive consternation praying that the suspect is not a Muslim. This is for no reason than in instances where they happen to be, we’d see amplified mass media coverage and extreme unjustified hostility towards Muslims. Based on this, misconception is an understatement. It is unfortunate that the so called mass media coverage have been unjust towards the Muslims. Ironically, the media which are seen as an extension of the freedom of expression and the eye opener for every reasonable member of the society without any iota of bias, have turned their 'legitimate' duty to create false impression or stereotypes about the Muslims and their relig…
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